Both the Talking Newspaper and the Talking Magazine are recorded in our purpose built studio. The recordings are made on a special computer designed to produce a Master Memory Stick (USB).   Hundreds of copies are then duplicated from this 'Master' and sent through the post to our listeners.


The Talking Newspaper is a weekly digest of local news

edited from the South Wales Echo and is recorded by

teams of volunteers. It features the very latest news

and articles of general interest that are not often

reported on the radio or TV.    The playing time of the

newspaper is about 60 minutes.

The recording is produced on a Thursday evening.

Following the completion of the 'Master’ recording the

team then turn their attention to duplicating the Memory

Sticks (USB).

These are then put into individually addressed postal 

wallets and packed into mail sacks ready for collection the next day. The listeners receive their personal copies on Saturday morning.  After listening to the programme they have to be returned to us as soon as possible so that the next edition can be forwarded.

They are returned to us, again free of charge, by enclosing the address label in with the returning memory stick so that our address, printed on the wallet, is shown.

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The Talking Magazine is monthly and so can be produced at a more leisurely pace.  It's playing time is about 90 minutes.

The Magazine has three regular presenters and a

production team who are responsible for planning,

with the volunteer reporters, what items will be

included in the next edition. It could be an interview,

a report on an exhibition, an event or new facility within

the area.

In fact it could be just about anything you could name!

Our reporters have a very wide variety of interests so you can be sure

that there will be something for everyone to enjoy.  Some items are of particular interest to those with a visual impairment but others are of general interest.

When they know the topic they are to report on they then plan, record and edit the item. Finally details of the duration and any introductory link are e-mailed to the presenter so that a balanced and entertaining programme can be planned.

In addition to these reports we have contributors who, every month,  present their "Regular" feature such as ‘Postbag’ of listeners letters, 'Birthday Greetings', a ‘Noticeboard’ of future events and to bring the programme to a conclusion the popular religious thought for the month, ‘Quiet Corner’.


The Magazine is produced in the same way as a live

radio programme so that it has a relaxed and

spontaneous feel.



We have a complete archive of every edition of the

Talking Magazine since the first edition of

December 1971.  Hundreds of hours of recordings of

events and people who have faced the microphones

in our studio or those of our roving reporters.

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