Over the years we have distributed our publications in several formats to keep abreast of the latest technology used by our listeners.  We began with a unique system developed by the RNIB(1971-1986) and then moved on to the very popular compact cassettes (1986-2009).  As CDs became more popular we followed but this was an expensive format as they were not re-useable and therefore not environmentally friendly (2009-2017).  Our latest format on Memory Sticks(or USB mp3) is the one we now use (2017- ).



Following our change from CDs to Memory Sticks (USB) it has given us the ability to include both of our programmes on one Memory Stick (USB).

The Weekly Talking Newspaper also has the current month's edition of the Talking Magazine.  

The advantage of including both publications on one Memory Stick (USB) reduces the number of wallets that we have to send through the post.  

If the listener doesn't have time to hear both programmes during the week then they know that the monthly Talking Magazine will still be there the following week until it is updated at the end of the month.

memory stick.jpg

Before the team arrive to record and copy

the memory sticks another volunteer has

unpacked hundreds of returned postal wallets

in the morning to ensure everything is ready

for the evening session.  Every wallet is then

scanned into a computer using bar codes,

in the same way as super markets check the

goods in your basket.

This ensures that we can confirm if any get lost

in the post if we have a query from a listener.